Conference & Expo / Silent Auction Donation Form

2015 Silent Auction Donation Form

2015 Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo

The Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo, formerly the LSCU AC&E, is now accepting items for the Silent Auction. Each auction item will be displayed along with the name of the donating company. We ask that each auction item have a retail value of at least $100. While gift cards are appreciated, they tend to be the least bid upon items. We have learned from past experiences that items such as sports equipment and tickets, electronics, vacation packages, handbags, and jewelry tend to be the most desirable. We also accept monetary contributions and will purchase an item on your behalf.

Silent Auction

When submitting donations, make sure to attach a form to each donated item. LSCU reserves the right to exchange duplicate items. If you have questions about the Silent Auction or would like more information, call 866.231.0545 x1008.

2015 Silent Auction Donations

2015 Silent Auction Donations

You may either bring your donation(s) with you to the Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo and turn them in at the registration desk by noon on Thursday, or you can mail them to the League prior to June 5, 2015.

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